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Hurricane Irma Prep and Pray

hurricaneHurricane Irma has wreaked havoc in the Caribbean, with even the most solid buildings in its path being flattened like pancakes. Nine out of ten homes destroyed on Barbuda. As Irma heads who-knows-where with 185 mph hurricane winds and a Category 5 (157 mph+) rating, it’s smart to consider some of the prep work that needs to take place sooner, rather than later.

Better safe than sorry.

South Florida (projected Sunday morning arrival-?) has already been preparing for days, even as everyone remembers Hurricane Andrew 25 years ago. Not only for the southernmost Florida Keys, but now areas such as Miami/Broward/Dade Counties are issuing suggested or mandatory evacuation orders with long lines of motorists trying to head out on bridges which will soon close due to winds. Consider gas shortages spreading, not to mention the potential of Hurricane Jose adding a one-two punch in the next week.

So right now, if Hurricane Irma is possibly coming to a neighborhood near you:hurricane
-Gather canned food (with manual can opener) and enough drinking water for every family member and pet – to last 3 days minimum. -Fill tubs with water for washing/toilet purposes to use a bucket and flush.
-Fill the car with gas if you may need to evacuate. Charge phones & gather candles, matches, batteries for flashlights/lanterns.
-Collect valuables and important papers/documents. Seal in plastic bags and keep with you.
Bring inside all water hoses, lawn furniture, flower pots – anything that may turn into a projectile in high winds.
If possible, board glass windows with plywood or aluminum. Tape is not recommended.
Unplug and cover with sealed plastic bags any computers or televisions staying in place.
Take into account anything which may be affected by storm surge waters. Sandbag. Dig diversionary channels.
EvacuationGet out of town prior to any mandatory evacuation orders. A decision must be made far ahead of any landfall. Roads will be packed. Have a back-up plan.
Do not stay in high-rise buildings where 75 mph winds will increase to 115 mph winds on the 30th floor.

Remember that even areas with no direct hits by the hurricane can still sustain high winds. Take measures and be safe. Pray. Hopefully this will turn out to be much less than anticipated, but that will require some time to tell.

Do all that you can NOW.


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