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I Am Not a Construction Social Worker

drywallAs most construction workers during good weather, they have too much work to handle. It takes a lot of juggling and coordinating to be at work on one job, but never have totally finished your last job, while someone at a third project becomes irritated at the delay on starting their job. And that’s when the bizarre excuses begin.

Cryptic messages. Text messages sent in the middle of the night when they think you will be asleep and not answer them: “I won’t be there tomorrow.”

Moi, still awake and on high alert: “We need you there. If you don’t finish the plumbing, the drywaller cannot begin work.”

Of course, most of these people cannot count backwards. In other words, they don’t know that the target end date has anything to do with them showing up TODAY, if not yesterday. It’s great for them to take weekends off, holidays, obscure festivals and sick days. But it sets me back, waaaay back.

“One of my guys ended up in the emergency room.”electrician

Moi: “Sorry to hear that.”

Whaddaya gonna say?

I mean, occasionally, these guys are telling the truth. And if they’re not, me being nasty is not going to bring them by my project. Instead, I know that they will want to collect their hard-earned money by finishing my job.

So the plumber finished half of his work. Then the drywaller could only complete half of his project, allowing the offending pipes to be exposed for further work. Then the painters could not paint until the drywall seams had been mudded and sanded. However, the drywall that had been installed now recessed all of the electrical switch boxes so that to turn on a light, you had to stick your finger two inches into a hole and feel around for the switch.

Plumbers-Fixing-DrainThe electrician? Couldn’t come until a week or two later….

And so it goes.

You learn to adapt and adjust and make do and not cry. You try to talk the workmen through their problems and crises of life. Unfortunately, not many of them are looking for night work.

I know how they feel. I am not looking to become a construction social worker, either. But, whatever it takes….


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