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I Could Have Had Sauce???

lowcalThe other day I picked up a frozen meal from the grocery store. Now, keep in mind that 99% of the food in our family is home cooked. It might be past midnight and I don’t go to bed until I get up and turn off the pot of whatever is simmering on the stove.

So this was unusual. I was creating some quiche for a friend going through an illness, plus baking a couple of desserts to take here and there, along with making blintzes for breakfast the next day…. You get the idea. I had a home cooked veggie soup which I had enjoyed for a couple of days and now I was simply tired. And hungry.

Hence, the frozen entree.

After searching the frozen cases, I came to the sad conclusion that most of the selections were either low-cal or healthylow-carb, but never the twain did meet. I wanted both.

At last, my eyes landed on the golden egg of frozen meals and it turned out to be a chicken and broccoli alfredo. About 200 calories and low in carbs. Not just “net carbs” which are all carbs taken into account… minus the fiber carbs… which I don’t totally understand because, I mean, isn’t a carb a carb, whether or not it’s well-intentioned?


lowcarbI get it home, pop it in the microwave and four minutes later, voila, there’s my meal ready to eat. It smells good, it looks good, it tastes… eh, alright. The bowl looks rather unique, kind of a bowl within a bowl, almost like a plastic colander sitting inside the bottom bowl. Finishing the semi-blah meal, I figure maybe the low-cal, low-carb meal was too good to be true, after all.

That’s when I decide to save the hard plastic top and bottom bowl. Dislodging one from the other, I discover that there is sauce in the bottom bowl, beneath the colander where the chicken and broccoli had nestled.

This is why the meal was ho-hum— I never added the sauce! The alfredo sauce needed to be scooped from Bowl #2 and added to the top Bowl #1.

Who knew?low-low

I could have enjoyed the sauce and made it delicious!

Just goes to show you: life is meant to be lived with sauce— take it out of the bowl and mix it up. It’s been there waiting for you all the time.


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