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I Never Thought I Was a Slacker

IMG_2031We have been steadily toiling at an archaeological field school since very, very early in the morning.  My back hurts, my arms ache, and my feet throb in my boots.  By 11:56 a.m., we dare to wonder aloud if it will be lunchtime soon-?

Ordered like naughty children to return to our posts, I spend the rest of the day trying to figure out how to avoid work, and glancing at my watch every other minute.  I hope it’s not as obvious as it feels.  My son works together with me, he doing most of the heavy work, as we laugh and talk away the hours.  Nearby excavators chat and the time slowly ticks by, haltingly, grudgingly, every five IMG_2032minutes seeming to be hours.

It’s then that it dawns on me:  I am a slacker… and I don’t like slackers.

Working in the dirt and dust, I come to the distinct impression that I am more of a IMG_2013researcher and a writer when it comes to historic matters.  Manual labor… eh, not so much.

Yet, someway, somehow, I sense a lifting in my spirit as I reach beyond my normal persona and simply enjoy the moment.  IMG_2051The moments.  The many moments.  A looong day.

Nevertheless, I am cheered by the fact that, while the university students arrived 15 minutes late, and left 15 minutes early, Petya and I have stayed the course.

Picking up the pace, there’s a new spring in my step as the hours pass, I reach beyond the comfort zone, and the familiarity of the field surrounds me.



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  1. avatar hoonew says:

    You are a good mom, Alexandra.

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