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I-Pads at Passover-?

155In my own little bubble of reality, I like to think that I’m still with-it enough to know about certain trends circulating in the world at large.

Apparently not.

One of my correspondents was kind enough to send me a NY Times article on incorporating i-Pads and tablets at the Passover Seder table.  In other words, some might be following along on the proscribed readings from an e-Haggadah, and younger family members could be watching a cartoon version of the ten plagues in Egypt to best_ipad_iphone_apps_passoverhold their attention.

I dunno.

It’s understandable that at many seders, participants are flipping ahead in their booklets, seeing when it will be time to eat, which generally happens about one hour into the 6a00d83451b1d169e20168e9f35a96970c-800wireadings about the people of Israel being brought out of slavery in Egypt.  That’s a long time to wait, which is why I always tell the uninitiated who might be invited:  Don’t arrive hungry, it’s going to be a while before the matzoh ball soup arrives.

But electronics at the table?  That’s family holiday time? 


I understand about squirmy children… but still….passover

Not to mention that Orthodox Jewish families don’t even entertain this issue, since using electronics after the start of a holiday is forbidden.  Naturally, Benedetto’s scientific mind wonders if computers might be put on a timer of sorts, similar to elevators, hot plates, lights, and any number of items that are regularly going “on” and “off” on Shabbat without anyone pushing buttons and hence, doing “work”.

5157CkR3g4LAuto-pilot can go awry.  He ponders whether the e-Reader might go too quickly and the pages turn in such a way as to whip through the readings faster than anyone can comfortably read?  And what about kids who consider reading to be “work”?

During the seder, families often take turns reading from the Haggadah booklet (the “retelling”), or maybe they have the adults lead it.  Everyone needs to focus and follow along, even if they’re only looking at the illustrations, taking a sip of this, and a bite of that at the right time when the ceremonial foods are mentioned. But when it comes time to eat the actual meal, the family talks.  They don’tTraditional-Passover-Meal zone out and play video games.

At least not in our house.

Civility and spirituality should earmark the seder.  You arrive at the table properly dressed, prepped with topics of conversation, and a pleasant attitude.  Use the animation and educational aids earlier in the day if you must, but when it comes to family time around the table, enjoy each other’s company.  This is one night to really tune in and hear about the miracles of God before you gobble the gefilte fish.

Happy Passover!



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