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i-Phone Photos

iPhone-6Hardly a high-tech person, my baby steps into technology have resulted in flat-out bingeing on phone photos. Even with constant deletions and downloads to my laptop, I am still left with 3,758 photos, 8 favorites which I don’t even know how they became my faves, 7 videos and 1 burst. Yep, I’m in overload mode.

So I download and delete even more. This time-saving iPhototechnology is eating up my time. It will take me hours to get rid of all of this stuff.

And I always worry if maybe, just maybe, I’ll delete some cuter-than-cute pics. I don’t even use this as my main camera. I have a real camera. But it’s been so fun to snap photos on the fly with the phone. I guess it’s gotten out of control.

IMG_2787The kids, the dogs, the travel. I shoot flowers and doorknobs and vistas and Vespas. I’m drawn to Colonial cottages and mega-modern mansions. Bedouin of the desert and fishermen using ancient methods do not escape my gaze. A sheaf of wheat or the glitter of an earring.

Snap. Snap.

Is this normal?


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