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I Voted— Have You?

voting-pinA number of major issues and political appointments loom on America’s horizon. The future depends on all of us and especially in a close election, everyone needs to vote.

While I have voted with an absentee (mail-in or show-up-early-to-headquarters) ballot in the past, this is the first time that I’ve voted early near my home. In other words, I went to a local polling place, just not our usual location, and cast my ballot one week ahead of time. The wait time fluctuated from 20 minutes over the weekend, to 5 minutes after work on Halloween night, all visible online to enable real-time tracking.

Much better than 3-4 hours’ wait time on election day. No advance notice is necessary— you simply show up.

If you want to take advantage of this smooth/quick/easy way to vote, act soon. Check times andElection_Day_voting12_5608

dates in your city. Here, the early voting ends Friday, I believe, allowing time to set up for the usual election scenarios on Tuesday.

Bring your voting card and identification. Of course, the polling person where I was located did not ask me to present anything. Verbally requested my last name, first name, middle initial and street address.

Boom! I was in.

img_7308Rather distressing, if you ask me. But that’s how it goes.

What if someone else claimed they were Alexandra Bartologimignano, living on 123 Easy Street? I mean, couldn’t a neighbor theoretically take the place of everyone on their street and vote in their stead? How difficult is it to know an acquaintance’s name and address? Even a stranger’s particulars could be obtained online, right? Anyone can search property records these days.

I cast my ballot on an oversized, tablet/TV-style screen standing upright, no curtain, no privacy, vote4anyone walking behind me to their own place as we stood an arm-width’s space apart could have seen my choices, lighted up like a Christmas tree in oversized print that even I could easily read. That was odd. I was used to at least some privacy flaps on either side of the voting box….

Welcome to the 21st Century.

In any event, it was great to vote and exercise our American freedoms. Three of my four Russian-born children will be voting this week. Hope you can head out and do the same, soon.

God bless America. We need some Divine intervention about now, wouldn’t you say?

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