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“I’m Not Ashamed” Movie

i_am_not_ashamedWe interrupt this two-part mini-series on adopted children, to give everyone a heads-up for a great weekend movie, “I’m Not Ashamed” by PureFlix. Rated PG-13, it follows the real-life story of Rachel Joy Scott, a young Christian high school student, shot and killed during the Columbine High School attacks of 1999.

The two student neo-Nazi shooters targeted her because of her faith. It’s an amazing testimony to imnotashamedliving for God against all odds, even when a gun is being held to your head. The story is pieced together with diary entries from the months preceding the attack.

Due to the subject matter, I believe the film might be most suitable for those in high school and above. It’s brutally honest about what occurs in many suburban high schools, from alcohol-laced parties sans parents to constant bullying of those who are different. When a young person tries to live their faith in such an atmosphere, challenges are sure to follow.

“I’m Not Ashamed” is good for anyone who needs to live counter the culture around them. Bring your kleenex.



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