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In the Middle of a Miracle

i-need-a-miracleThings happen and we sometimes find ourselves needing a miracle. Make that a mega-miracle! I mean, a miracle is a miracle, right? If it’s something that’s basically very difficult, if not impossible, in the natural realm, well then, we might as well aim high-!

I am in the middle of a miracle. That’s when you’re halfway there, and you can see glimmers on the horizon, but they are too far to truly grasp. So we reach out in faith, knowing that we are not alone in life. The Lord is there to all who call and his name is Jesus, Yeshua in the Hebrew, Savior, Redeemer, Messiah. He specializes in the impossible.

When man can’t… God can.

So today, I am focusing on Abraham who was told by God that he was to be a father. He was too old, hisAbraham wife Sarah was too old, but rather than consider their bodies, they considered the greatness of their God (Romans 4:17-21 in the Bible). They did not waver in their faith, but were strong in faith, evidenced by praising the Lord long before they saw it come to pass. They believed that what He had promised, He was well able to bring into being.

This is our God, living and breathing. Be encouraged today, He is still in the miracle-working business. Reach out to Him.  He’s got you covered!


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  1. avatar melin says:

    Thought I’d stop by your blog and see how you are.
    I agree that God is still in the business of miracles.
    This post is too suspenseful! Can you give us an update?

    • avatar admin says:

      Hi Melin – thanks for stopping by! All is well here, not too many comments these days as folks like to e-mail personally and I understand internet dangers. But we love comments & conversation at 3-D! For the update, it concerned high-level contract negotations and I touched on it in yesterday’s Monday Mottoes. It happened! Actually, there are still lawyers working on final paperwork…

      In my life, I have experienced miracles of every kind – from healing, to supernatural provision and breakthrough, to mended relationships, to changed lives. I am convinced: nothing is too hard for the Lord! He is able and He is willing. On my side, I always aim to agree with Him in my heart and in my words/actions. I never want to limit His best for myself or anyone around me. He is faithful that promised. 🙂

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