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In Transit: Me and My Birthday Baloney Sandwich

Museum_CafeIn transit. That could be the story of my life. I seem to always be in one locale… and headed for another. Pressing forward, moving on, not stagnant. That could be an epitaph of sorts: In Transit.

I’ve seen many that are worse….

So, yesterday was my birthday. Today is Israel’s birthday. Great ones tend to stick together, you could say….

But I digress.

Most of my special day was spent in transit. Going from here to there.

I’m not complaining. That’s the majority of my life. Yet, this was a little different.

I somehow ended up in a “farm-fresh, upscale museum cafe”. Again, this was in transit. We would eat at a special place later. TwainM_frHowever, it was one of those days where “later” never seemed to happen. Have you ever been there?

One thing develops, and then another, and then the dogs need to go to doggie day care, and then the family needs to be elsewhere, and then appointments run overtime (good, though they may be), so you really can’t complain, and then that’s when I was presented with my one-half of a baloney sandwich to tide me over. It was my birthday. I got a half a baloney sandwich.

It’s best not to overanalyze these kinds of things.

Baloney SandwichWhen all was said and done and everyone had received their nibble of this sandwich and that sandwich, under time constraints, of course, I paused to put some mustard on mine. I was happy it wasn’t ham and cheese, however, I can’t entirely determine whether or not baloney would be an upgrade.

Just eat it and be happy. I was.

And when the other half of baloney-on-white was sitting there, you know what? I ate it. Oh yes, I did. With a slather of mustard. I was in the moment, as they say, and it was even enjoyable in a certain perverse sort of way.

When it’s your birthday and you’re presented with a baloney sandwich: eat it. You’re in transit. This is not all there is. You’re headed to better places. This is only a fun stop along the way.

I had a great day, thank you.


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