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Instant (Selective) Memory Recall

HiRes-380x380“I can’t remember!” Sashenka insisted.

“Well, all of your siblings know they need to write four or five sentences in their diary each night, and use at least three spelling words.  You’re the only one writing two sentences….”

“It’s because I forget!” she claimed.

“Alright, we all forget things, and that’s why we write them down.  “I’ve given you a homework notebook specifically to write your assignments….”

Fact is, she’d rather not make the effort.  I had done plenty of researchPhotographicMemory_4 on the effects of FAS and how fetal alcohol could lead to a Swiss-cheese memory, where some days it was there, and some days it wasn’t.

But when her brother Pasha made a comment about an obscure part of an inane movie that they had seen maybe three years ago, Sashenka remembered it easily.

“You remember when the guy in that movie did that, and then said the other thing, and then there was that little part when he–,” Pasha enthused.

th“Yes!” Sashenka interjected.  “That was the best, remember, Papa?”

“What?” Benedetto wondered, calling on me.  “You have a better memory, do you remember what they’re talking about?”

“I can barely remember the main point of these movies the next day,” I laugh.  “I have no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to obscure details.”

And less than a minute later, Pasha let us know that it was too much to student-thinkingask him to remember facts and figures for school exams.

“How am I supposed to know these things days later?” he protested.

“But you can remember the smallest details of the dumbest movies… years later,” my husband reminded him.

man-inserting-memory-card-in-brainLooking back on it, the mystery of selective memory and recall is not a tough one to crack.  After viewing a favorite film, I hear the kids rehashing it over and over.  They relish it and relive it, rehearsing the scenes and lines of dialog.

Of course they remember.  They’ve reviewed it ad nauseum.

And their schoolwork? 

Not so much.


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