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Inward Strength to Withstand Stress

endurance_article-new-thumbnail_ehow_images_a05_5f_96_muscular-endurance-800x800I was never one to watch Star Wars, but the fictional Jedi Master Yoda apparently dispensed his wisdom throughout. If ever there is a need for wisdom, it’s for our generation that has been ruled by mindsets such as, “If it feels good — do it”, “Go with the flow”, stemming out of an even earlier generation’s “Que sera, sera” mentality. Apart from those professions where sales or other concrete production goals are esteemed, no one feels much like they have to push themselves to be pleasant, keep their home clean, dress in anything other than casual wear, strive to do their best, stay in a committed relationship….

It’s all just a bit beyond our ability.

Yoda said, “Do or do not. There is no try.”

That brings up the character trait of endurance. Our family is studying one character trait per week throughout the competition-37year and the timing could not have been better as I am under deadline this week. A major deadline which will affect the rest of next year, in fact. And here comes “endurance”: the inward strength to withstand stress in order to accomplish what’s best.

No giving up allowed.

As I move toward the final hours of accomplishing my goal and my task, naturally, every distraction possible is rearing its head to be heard NOW!!! I sidestep it and keep running the race.

We can do it, friend. Today is the day. Let endurance bolster you.


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