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Iran: You Don’t Deal With the Devil

If America has been clueless about international terrorism during the past decade, there’s one country that knows the real deal and that’s Israel. Their very lives depend on accurate intelligence and that’s what they have on Iran.

One of the major sources of state-sponsored terrorism, Israel and even Saudi Arabia, who was not necessarily our best friend in many respects, cringed. The nuclear proliferation, instead of ceasing with the payout of hundreds of millions of dollars to our ENEMY Iran, was reported to have escalated.

Naysayers declare that abrogating the treaty makes the US look unreliable. I say that the original treaty made the US look idiotic and gullible.

Congratulations, President Trump, on taking a bold stance and making your move.

It’s time to look out for Number One, the US’s interests, rather than everyone else’s interests.


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