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Is Putin Autistic or Antisocial?

indexIt’s hitting all of the news sources (outside of Russia, that is) that Pres. Vladimir Putin has Asperger’s Syndrome. A friend in the know sent me the news, which we both corroborated based on our professional amateurs’ psychological understanding that Putin is plain nuts. (Being an equal opportunity diagnoser, I would say the same could be leveled against our US president who doesn’t believe that Muslim and terrorist should be connected in the same sentence, but I digress….)

The 2008 report studies Putin’s public appearances since 2000. The Pentagon’s Office of Net AssessmentVladimir-Putin-1024x678 has studied world leaders since the 1970s, along with the CIA, and their findings are often quite insightful. Why the report surfaced now and is being made public is anyone’s guess. However, I have a hard time taking it too seriously.

Personally, it sounds like the professional version of “Putin is a doo-doo head.”

putin_ueSome pseudo-science exists to back up the allegations. Pres. Putin’s mother was said to have suffered a stroke while he was still in utero, causing trauma to his brain, evidenced to trained onlookers by how he moves his right side. Result: extreme control in decision-making (we might say despotic behavior) and a decided lack in social skills.

Sounds possible, if not probable.

Others have asserted that the Russian president might thhave Asperger’s Syndrome and a case may be made for that: an inability to take turns talking, particularly when it comes to international talks; disliking any change in routines, such as the idea of not being Russian president any more; and appearing to lack empathy, especially in the area of his granting orphans in his country a family of their own. Hmmm… there could be some truth there….

Those suffering from the syndrome are often said to talk a lot, enjoying one-sided conversations, but then that might be said of any politician.

putinSo the verdict is out: it’s officially a toss-up. Putin may be autistic as evidenced by his obsession with a single topic about which he talks non-stop (Russian domination), but then most of us like focusing on ourselves. You won’t find me shooting a tiger nor swimming bare-chested in a Siberian river, though.

Do you think Putin is neurologically impaired? He appears to have a high level of functioning to have overseen the KGB and the entire Russian Federation, though, don’t you think?

It may be autism, or in my opinion, Antisocial Personality Disorder might be more to the point, which is “a pervasive pattern of disregard for, or violation of, the rights of others”.

Bingo. Autistic? Maybe. Antisocial? Definitely.


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