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Is Putin Backpedalling on Anti-US Adoption Law?

vladimir_putin_01In short, nobody knows.  President Putin plays fast and loose with the law, with reckless disregard for anyone and anything that might stand against his assumed omnipotence.

The latest announcement from Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Thursday said that the bilateral US-Russia adoption agreement that came into force two months ago will continue to operate until next January.

As in 2014?  Not as in January 1st, 2013, as stated repeatedly, as in American couples being sent home empty-handed?  We personally know of a family told to come to Russia this past week for “court”, and then turned back.   Has anything changed, or is it all smoke and mirrors?

The press release is in direct contradiction to what Russian Children’s Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov stated on December e0d889d2cbf2316bb2b44232fc13a35925th, that the proposed move was in line with international law, and that Russia could withdraw unilaterally any time it wanted.

Then what’s the point of having an “agreement”?  Over the holidays, apparently, somebody was lacing the vodka with koolaid.

His comments were in response to supposed charges by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets that the law would be in violation of both Russian family law and international human rights law.

So, what does it mean?  Are Russian adoptions to Americans on hold, or on go?

russiangirlNobody knows.  Adoption agencies don’t know, adoptive families don’t know, the Ministry of Education and Science overseeing adoptions won’t answer the phone.  (But neither will the Embassy of the Russian Federation in DC, so I’m just sayin’.)

Have the 50-100 American families in the process of adopting from Russia received a miraculous reprieve?  Entirely possible.  God is greater than any demagogue.

Stay tuned, friends.  As I’ve said before when it comes to Russian adoptions, it takes “nerves of steel, and knees of prayer”.

We’re here for you, no matter how this plays out.



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  1. avatar Cassandra says:

    I wrote the MOE helpline explaining our situation and he responded as if all adoptions to US citizens (even resident in Russia) were immediately ?????????. So the underlings are carrying out the law as written. I wouldn’t spend any money now until hearing more.

    • avatar admin says:

      Exactly, Cassandra. That’s what my husband said as we discussed it, too. Vertical power. Nobody will break step until Putin sends a very, very clear word down the line.

  2. avatar Cassandra says:

    Plus, Duma deputy Shlegel has withdrawn his amendment to make exceptions for disabled kids. ?????? ??????.

    • avatar admin says:

      There you go…. Many of the more recent outspoken critics have had “visits” from law enforcement (one could say, if we could call them that). Or their relatives have….

  3. avatar Cassandra says:

    I’ve been scanning the Russian press to try to find this statement–do you have a link?
    I think what they might be saying is that despite the dreadful law they passed, they expect the US side to uphold the provisions about access to Russian citizens on US territory and whatever other conditions are set out in the agreement, not that they will continue to process adoptions. One Duma deputy already noted that the agreement does not in fact obligate either side to process adoptions.

    • avatar admin says:

      Even that’s a miracle, because we all know that the 30-day waiting period is for anyone to object to the court decision. If this were some sort of blanket “understanding”, that all children adopted to America would be in harm’s way, I could see even court decisions being reversed.

      I wonder if any adoptive parents will be heading to the Russian Supreme Court on behalf of the child they were referred. I’ve spoken with other adoptive parents who have done this in the past when they were “refused” a specific child. If it’s a ruling in contradiction to the Russian Family Code, there’s a chance….

  4. avatar Sarah says:

    Hello Alexandra, my Sasha and I are heading to the Russian Embassy in London tomorrow to renew Sasha’s passport. I am a bit uneasy with all the anti American Adoptive parent sentiments right now. As you know it needs to not expire so off we go. They also want to register the kids here in the UK. We are still registered in the New York Russian consulate as we do still live in our home there so hopefully that won’t back fire on us. Any words of wisdom? Thanks, Sarah

    • avatar admin says:

      Hi Sarah– We were at the Russian Embassy here the other day. Everyone was VERY friendly and helpful (each in his/her own way). Other than not answering their phone over 200x, lol. (We’re in the middle of a “situation”, so I’ll have to share more on that later.) Having a couple of homes, we call one the “dacha”–not that it’s like any dacha I’ve ever seen–no country shack with an outhouse and a garden, but it makes the point that we consider one our principal residence for legal purposes. And I dare say that most of the Russians living in London have more than one home…. Go with confidence– you’re doing the right thing in complying and they appreciate that. Let us know how it goes!

  5. avatar Sarah says:

    Hello Alexandra! Well, Poor little 5 year old Sasha was up panicked in the night and was having a terrified breakdown when I left him at school. Quickly I realized it is not a good thing for him to come so I went alone. I am so sad for my poor Baby to be so terrified to go to the Embassy. We talked about how no one can take him from us. He says he understands that but, it is still scared. Poor thing. So the Russian Embassy in London is right by Kennsington Palace. However the address they give you on the website and on the phone was wrong. It is a large beautiful mansion but it is not the consulate. So I am walking around the area and I see a Russian couple. They are a bit surprised I know they are Russian but are happy to help ,e and point me in the right direction. Thank goodness! When I get to the embassy they tell me I must leave as it is not the application time. I tell them it says it on their website so they bring me in and talk to the head guard who really frowns at me through the thick bullet proof glass. They put me in the main waiting room. A few minutes later they move me to a private room and they go over the situation. They did not need to re register the kids since we live in both places. I really felt that would bite us later on down the road. They were so impressed with the filled out Cyrillic application I had filling out. They took the documents and filled out the forms. The nice man bring me a letter in Cyrillic and explains how to check on the passports status. I replied “okay, I will have Sasha’s Russian teacher help me check on it”. Well they were the magic words. He said to wait a moment. He came right back and put me in the main waiting room had me pay the £6 for the passport and they made me the passport right then and there. No three month wait! Other than the complete wrong address it was a really great experience! I had such worries being an American Adoptive Parent. They were wonderful. I wish there was a way to let people know what a great job they did. They were all so kind.

    • avatar admin says:

      I am so happy for you, Sarah. That is ideal (other than the Sasha part– poor guy! I’m sorry, but totally understandable). When our family progresses farther, I’ll share our very similar situation. For now, they were not impressed by my beautifully-written, Cyrillic forms. “Must be typed in Russian!”

      Only 6 pounds for the passport, and same-day service! Much more expensive here.

      Great to hear how helpful and kind they were. I still say that the average Russian and the average American get along very well… 🙂

      • avatar Sarah says:

        Yes, I agree if the politics would get out of it we would all be so mch better off! Did you all see the new Facebook page orphans without orders? The young man was adopted at 15 and is trying to keep up the pressure to not stop adoptions. Gracie and Sasha are on the page.

        • avatar admin says:

          No, I haven’t seen that, Sarah. I MUST learn how to do FB in the new year– that sounds wonderful! Grassroots goes farther than many think. So many are doing what they can and that’s beautiful.

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