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Is Trump Anti-Women?

donald_trumpThe King of Put-Downs, Donald Trump, demonstrated his lack of class last Thursday night and in the days following. Going after his perceived enemies with abandon, he brought a new low of personal attacks to the forefront of politics.

Boring – Carly Fiorina, Fat Pig – Rosie O’Donnell, Bimbo (& other comments that we will not even repeat here) – Megyn Kelly, and he didn’t stop with women. Low-Class Slob – Frank Luntz, adding to his typifying of Sen. John McCain as Not a War Hero and all Mexicans as rapists and criminals.

The fact that the American public may be tired of illegal immigrants is one thing, particularly those thwho do wreak havoc on our border towns and beyond. But Trump believes that poor behavior—which apparently got him ousted from the Kew-Forest School at age 13 and shipped off to military school—resonates with his frustrated and fed-up fellow-citizens.

I think he needs to be outspoken on issues, while dropping the defensive and immature people-bashing. Why does he protest and rage so violently? He is a known World Wrestling Entertainment fan—has that impacted his mind?

IMG_6096Bill Curry (whom we understand to be no friend to conservatives and has his own axe to grind) discusses Trump’s folly in an article in Salon which states it well, in my opinion:

“Long made foolish by ego, he lately seems unhinged by his narcissistic cravings. The slightest embarrassment enrages him. Any challenge to the image he toils to project and protect elicits unbridled fury. Anyone who gets in his way is a ‘pathetic loser’ or a ‘stupid leader,’ or fat, or homely, or whatever he thinks hurts most. It’s not how an adult in full command of his instincts, appetites and faculties behaves; not even close.”

As Pres. Clinton’s former press secretary, he might know a few things about men not in control of trumptheir appetites and cravings.

Curry continues to draw a distinction between infantile rage which results in ruin, and “Righteous anger, if properly channeled” which “may prove our salvation”.

Has Trump’s rage issues hurt him? The fact that a grown man, a supposedly-savvy businessman, stays up throughout the night tweeting nastiness about his seeming opposers, is seen as nothing but dumb and dumber. I have spoken with dozens of conservative women inside and outside the Beltway and believe me, Trump has cooked his goose if he thinks their opinions don’t matter.

obama_trumpThose who are not speaking out? Many feel that even this adding-insult-to-injury-mockery-of-a-candidate could be ten times better for our country than our current administration. Unfortunately, that may not be far off target.

But still.

Mr. Trump, this isn’t the WWE. You need to grow up. Target the issues with your unbridled energy, but put a bit in it when it comes to trashing people.  Especially as kids head back to school, stop with the bullying.

Thank you.


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