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Is Your Hair “In”-?

Probably.  If you take time with it, or if it’s naturally straight, you have a fighting chance these days.  Curls can also be in, but they must be big and loose, controlled curls.

For my oldest daughter, no can do.

Mashenka has curly hair some would say, just like me.  But actually, it’s kinky and wavy and frizzy.  Not exactly “in” hair.

“Honey, you have to do something with it,” I show her the possibilities of straightening it, or curling it to make large, luxurious curls, or any number of options.

She can’t be bothered.  She pulls it back in a ponytail.  Every day.

Okay.  She’s 13.  She’s not going to state dinners at the White House.  Let her be a kid.

“I hate my hair!” she exclaims when questioned.

“Everybody wants different hair, that’s okay, but let’s embrace who you are,” I encourage.  “If you have curly hair, we can have some layers put in it and then you can scrunch it and go.  It will wave nicely.”

After about a week of this, she and her sister agree to go to the hairdresser’s with me.  Mashenka does NOT want her hair cut, which is problematic if that’s what we’re there for.  We settle on a trim.  We also luck out to have an African-American operator clip her locks and she does a wonderful job.  We chat back and forth when she asks me for advice on my daughter’s hair– a few layers, no razor, no major chop job.

Benedetto and the boys, holing up at a nearby café, breeze through the hair shop around the time the girls are finished.  He pays for the girls and tells them how beautiful they look.

Mashenka barely has a quarter of an inch removed, while Sashenka has about two inches lopped off, and I have about four removed.  How one daughter’s hair operation turned into our own shearing, I don’t know.  It’s just very difficult to stay focused on three different hair stations while my own hair is combed over my eyes, obscuring any view.  I have a headache by the time we exit.

I at last emerge from the shop, and they are all clapping for the three of us little ladies.  That’s when Benedetto adds his two cents to the luxury treatment.

“Did you know that Mashenka’s hairdresser was a man?”

Mashenka looks stricken.

“Well, she had a low voice, for sure,” I agreed.  “And she was the only one who did pretty much what we asked for,” I laughed.

So I emerged rather pixified, Sashenka was sure she was bald (shoulder-length at the sides and at the shoulder blades in the back), and Mashenka was happy to scrunch and run.

Do you have hair that’s “in style”?



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  1. avatar Mindy says:

    My 8th grader had constant battles with her hair and used to get really frustrated with it in our high humidity city until she got a Chi that she asked for. Since then, she has become quite the hair stylist. She’s currently asking for extensions, but she’s not getting them. I suggested she keep taking her multi-vitamins so her hair grows faster. My hair used to be a lot more “in” before the adoption.

    • avatar admin says:

      Haha, I hear you, Mindy! My whole “me” used to be a lot more “in” before adoption. I think these things take time for the kids. If they’re overly concerned about externals, we don’t like it, and if they don’t seem to care enough, we’re upset. These should be our biggest deals, right? I’m glad your daughter found her groove.

  2. Nope. Hair definitely not in. My hair was likely never in; because I have no ability to style it (never did) and I have the thinnest, finest hair of any adult on the planet. Add that to trying to round up an extra $25 AND an hour to myself to go to the hair place; and well, there you go.

    • avatar admin says:

      Oh, exactly, Wendy, say no more. And my hair price somehow went up while midway through the process, while sitting in the hairdresser’s chair-? I just don’t like adversarial, expensive situations that wer intended to make me feel my best. Well, hats are always in-!

  3. avatar SLB says:

    Wendy must be my long lost, twin sister! I feeeeeel your pain! Lol

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