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Israel’s Right to Defend Herself

hamasrocketsImagine 6,000 missiles coming across the border from Mexico or Canada each year. (Never mind the 77,000+ children crossing into the US this year, we’ll leave that for another day….)

An average of 6,000 missiles and rockets are launched against Israel every. single. year.

Do ya ever hear much about it? Recently, those numbers escalated.

And now, thanks to Hamas’s friend, Iran, the missiles are becoming longer-range. And thanks to Egypt clamping down on its border withHamas-tunnel Gaza, and closing 1,370 tunnels from Gaza into Egypt, Israel has got to close the tunnels leading into its land which are bringing terrorists inside the border.

Can you capisce that?

I’ve lived in Israel during war. Every night you get to run several times BombShelterImageto sealed rooms or bomb shelters. If you’re lucky, you have one in your own home. If not, you’re up close and personal with dozens of neighbors in a noisy, overcrowded, stuffy room for hours on end.

You have 15 seconds to make it there.

Schoolchildren are not playing outside this summer. In a strange twist of fate, war may bring the best relief.

Israel has a right to exist and not be attacked on a daily basis.


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  1. avatar Leah says:

    It has to stop. I love how Hamas uses human shields and then cries foul as though Israel is the aggressor. Nice. Hamas has broken how many cease-fires? Israel, do what you must. We stand with you.

    • avatar admin says:

      I agree, Leah. Israel gives them humanitarian aid, hospital visits, building supplies… and they build more tunnels. How many ships full of rockets have been stopped by Israel, trying to get into Gaza from Iran? They may be next….

  2. avatar Jeremy says:

    Israel is the only democracy in the Mid East. That’s it. Nobody else. If Israel does not keep order, there will be a proliferation heading our way. Hamas and human shields? How sick is that.

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