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Italian-Russian Adoptions

russia-adoptionIn the latest adoption non-news emanating from Russia, Pavel Astakhov is back to his dubious declarations as Ombudsman for Children.  He states that national adoption, not international, is their current goal.

Except that Russians don’t adopt.  At least not in numbers sufficient to cover the thousands of orphans now in orphanages, while many are coming and going in and out of foster care like the political pawns that they are.

Russians are urged to take the orphans, and offered sizable subsidies to either adopt or foster.  Problem is, the russia2-334x288percentage of children returned to the orphanages is in the double digits.

The only other country allowed to adopt Russian children has been narrowed down to Italy.  Period.  Nobody else.

Why?  Because they have a bilateral agreement with Russia and because they do not condone same-sex marriage.  Every other nation has been eliminated due to one or the other of these issues, the U.S. included.

Italians.  As though they are the sole guardians of morality, and as though there are no gay Italians. 

russianadoptionAnyway, it brought up interesting discussions in our household.

“Papa is Italian, right?” asked the kids, trying to put two and two together.

“He doesn’t have an Italian passport, if that’s what you mean,” I demurred.  “But he could get one.”

“And Italians can adopt from Russia?” they wonder.

“So they say…”  I try to act nonchalant.

Heh, heh, heh.


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  1. avatar Jeremy says:

    You guys aren’t thinking what I think you’re thinking…???

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