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Jilting Al Jazeera

thThe hatred-filled Al Jazeera “news” network from Qatar is being kicked to the curb yet again. Numerous Arab nations have found the network’s radical Muslim stance particularly suited to inciting violence and have rejected their broadcasts. The United States also does not allow them to broadcast, but their articles and videos may be found online easily.

Now Israel joins its Arab neighbors in saying: Enough. They are jilting Al Jazeera, revoking the journalists’ credentials, closing the office and ousting them.

Good for Israel.

The network vows a legal battle, but really, Al Jazeera has been trouble since day one. You al-jazeera-americamay recall when they tried to launch the American arm of their news channel by purchasing Current TV in 2013. This station was partially owned by Al Gore. Apparently, he and another shareholder are still waiting for another payment approximating $65 million, while the radical news network never captured much of a following and later had to cease operations.

Oh well. Play with fire and you’re going to get burned.

Maasalaama (goodbye), Al Jazeera.


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