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Job-Hunting Realities

crIt staggers my mind how many people don’t like playing with the facts in life. They would rather keep their head in the sand instead of moving out of their comfort zone and getting what they truly want. And then whining about it! So today, we’re going to pull back the mysterious curtain and take a peek at how the big boys and girls do it in the area of finding a job. (But you could apply the same action plan to most anything….)

Whether you’re under-employed or unemployed, a decent job, if not a career, awaits. But cryou need to take action now and stop with the excuses.

I know it’s the holidays. It’s that time of year in the U.S. that spans from Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year’s Day when the general public is focused more on spending money than on making money. That can work to your advantage. They zig and you zag.

We’re not referring to seasonal retail gigs, although that’s definitely available this time of year. Full-time, career-enhancing, career-advancing positions are out there. While everyone else is winding down and partying, there are managers in serious search mode. They’re aiming for a team that will produce, be effective, hit goals and reach numbers in the new year.

crDon’t believe the fairy tale that team leaders are not looking during the holidays. Shape up your resume to reflect the return on investment that you have to offer. Demonstrate that you would understand the company culture and make their life easier. Show how you would slash expenses and increase income. Indicate that you move in circles that would advance their cause or product.

This is the time. This is the hour. Move forward today!


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