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Joining the Russian Army

<> on March 15, 2014 in Simferopol, Ukraine.Well, comrade, your day has come. President Putin issued a decree inviting foreigners to serve in the Russian army.

Provided you’re willing to do so for at least five years. And provided you speak Russian.

The promised monthly wage of $500 approximates the Russian average. For the rest of the world, certainly nothing to write home about even if that risks2were the weekly wage. But for that amount, you could become part of Russia’s increasingly “professional” soldiers who are being stretched thin. The low birthrate, the high early death rate, the thousands emigrating.

Russia is looking to change that. And they’ve become somewhat successful on slightly increasing the birthrate and slightly decreasing emigration numbers.

russian-vdv-4Yet, now that Russia’s economic situation is on a freefall, Putin hopes to attract some fighters, who, should they not be killed on any frontlines, just might stick around to become citizens.

Think Central Asia. Think breakaway parts of Moldova. Think former Soviet republics. Think Ukraine. Better to recruit from within than without is the thinking.

Except that they’re all outside of Russia. And Russia’s recruiting them into their army in hopes of expanding their population and their territory.

Different strategy, same old goal.


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  1. avatar rusmom says:

    I remember for years adoptive parents would write in to forums and ask if their children in other countries would be drafted to the Russian Army if they set foot in Russia. You were the voice of reason informing about the internal passport (propiska) that they would not have unless living there. Also the fact that many adoptees no longer speak Russian. Once agiain it shows that you knew/know what you’re talking about! While anything could happen, they don’t grab foreigners from off the street. Thank you!

  2. avatar admin says:

    You’re welcome, Rusmom! 🙂

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