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Jury Duty

I believe in doing my civic duty, however, I’m not so sure it extends to jury duty.  Like clockwork, Benedetto and I are called up every two years.  However, for some reason, the last time was three years ago.

I remember it like it was yesterday.  Everyone trying to inform the judge as to why serving on this particular trial would be an extreme hardship for them.  I approached the bench.

“Yes, and what would your special circumstance be?” the judge inquired.

“I homeschool four children, some newly home from Russia, who don’t speak English,” I reply.

“And who is with them right now?”

“My husband.”

“And does he speak Russian?”

“After spending all day long with four children, he just might…. ”

They didn’t let me go.  I guess I was supposed to lock them up in the house and hope for the best.  Yet, after being seated on a jury, one side decided to excuse me.  It was probably after I screwed-up my face into my best “death sentence” staredown.

I don’t like hearing about other people’s extreme issues.  I find it difficult to find any hope for sexual perverts, usually the cases that they want me on.

Benedetto, on the other hand, gets called to the drug cases.  In D.C., there are certain elements of the population who believe that all police are out to get them, i.e., do their job, and enforce the law.  When these are the folks also sitting on the same jury, it will turn out to be a hung jury every time.  Instead of recusing themselves, they allow other citizens to sit there for days on end, waste their time, only to say, “All cops are pigs,” and refuse to convict.

“Fourteen packets of crack cocaine!” he exclaimed the last time he served.  “The guy had the packets in his mouth, seen by several witnesses, but it wasn’t enough evidence for my jury-mates!”


“I’m done, it’s a waste of time.  If this is a ‘jury of our peers’, God help us all.  Most of them looked to be unemployed, and anxious to collect the $2 jury fee for transportation,” he said.

If only it were that easy to be excused.

So off I go today, either with my computer, or some necessary reading.  Lunch could be at some fastfood places, or in Chinatown.  Then a ride on our Metro, just when the subway system is introducing its controversial ads equating terrorists with animals.

Should make for an interesting day.



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