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Just Say… No?

boundariesI’m all for boundaries, I really am. If you’re not careful, family/friends/children/ mates/bosses/workers/ strangers/the government/professors might walk all over you.

So we’ve learned to “just say no”. That’s a good idea if you’re offered drugs, or your tenth volunteer opportunity this week at the kids’ school, or a lateral move at work that’s tantamount to a demotion.

However, if we’re always looking out for number one, always protecting and puttingyes ourselves and our needs first… we miss out on a whole lot in life. Primarily, headaches and multi-tasking, lol….

So why not live on the wild side… and “just say yes”? Imagine the doors that might open, the new experiences, the promotions, the relationships, not to mention the exhaustion of being overscheduled-!

Yet, somewhere along the way, you just might do some good by going beyond yourself and your own protective comfort levels. Give it a shot. Today, when someone asks, and you know they’re bound to… just say yes!


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