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Juvederm, Restylane, and Botox—Oh, My!

restylaneSocial scientist that I am, how could I neglect a girlfriend in her time of need?  She’s reached that 50-something time of life when she notices that there’s a certain “je ne sais quoi” that needs a touch-up.  Body parts that once appeared fine had now fallen.

Naturally, I could join her on that one.  Yet, we weren’t talking an entire body overhaul.  She desired that the deep lines on her face would become dimmer.

I could relate.  My biological inheritance included undereye circles that were not just a symptom of age nor exhaustion, yet both did their part to exacerbate them.  The puffy bags and smile lines could be corrected?  Even Chanel was sending me ads touting “Le Lift”, no doubt their latest serum.

I went with her to the consultation.  Little did we know that this swank Washington dermatologist-to-the-botox-fillerspolitical-powerhouses was ready, willing, and able to work her charms on my friend now.

As in right now.

“Now?” she gulped, after having received the full low-down on what Juvederm, Restylane, and Botox could, or could not do, for various facial concerns.

And so she proceeded.  Numbing cream that looked like Vaseline was spread over the areas of interest.  And we waited, she on a white chaise lounge in an office with frosted glass walls.

Very chic.  Very glam.  In a moment, very painful.

botoxIn came the celebrity doc who had a back entrance for anyone with Secret Service detail.  Naturally, we used the front door, and currently, my thoughts turned to running out the back door….

The deft dermatologist was ready with a tray holding a syringe or two of the proposed injectible, designed to fill, plump, and puff up said sagging conditions.  Happily, I had a good bit of my own plumpness.  I could only imagine if I were lean, gaunt, and even more haggard-looking.

“You will feel a slight sting, similar to a bee sting,” the doctor revealed, injecting filler time and again, about 20 times on each side of my friend’s face.

I heard slight moaning, while the doctor was reassuring and upbeat.  I didn’t know how much of this I could stand to watch.

Within 15 minutes, the procedure was over.  Assistants held ice to her needle-pricked face.  The doctor ce-injectables-botox-fillers-therapeautic-relaxat-55mentioned that if any bruises should arise, that a patient could come in the next day without an appointment and receive laser impulses which would mitigate the bruising.

They asked if she wished to put on makeup in the dressing room.  Instead, she opted to go au naturel into the summer daylight, face flushed and red.  I took her home where she put on more ice, then makeup, then we headed out to lunch.  She said she felt numb and hard, with a moderate-high level of pain.

That night, she tried to sleep sitting up as the fillers settled in, and did not take any painkillers in order to avoid bruising.  Altogether, it was an uncomfortable day or two, however, the results were semi-immediate.  A week later, she looks much improved.

While I have heard many women celebrate “every wrinkle earned”, those who live in a visual world think twice about these things.  Then they see a friend getting injectibles.



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  1. avatar Karen says:

    Where did she receive injections? The very thought of a shot in my lips! Did some areas hurt more than others?

    • avatar admin says:

      Ooh, I agree, Karen. No, no lips were involved. She was not looking to change any facial parts, simply fill in lines/sags. A couple of times the doctor said it might hurt here, so maybe certain areas are more sensitive. I can’t remember where, though. I think I’ve blocked it from my mind!

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