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Keystone Kops: The Kids’ Summer Job

TM-288 Picture-500x500Readers imagine that I make stuff up about my kids. I don’t need to—our reality is more “out there” than any reality show. Hence, the last day of our two middle teens’ summer job provides me with much material.

Apparently, it was an eventful day.

Pasha, 18.5, arriving home, breathless: “They gave me keys and a walkie-talkie today! The man I normally work with was not there-!”

Now this was news indeed. Nobody in their right mind would give Pasha keys to anything, lol. It was a highlight day and we enthused with him over this truly amazing development.

“But he missed the party,” inserted Mashenka, 17, always helpful to point out his shortcomings. “The party with pizza and cake.”

“I did not hear!” he stood up for himself. “They did not call me. Besides, I don’t speak Hispanic!”grandeshores02_lg

“Spanish,” I reminded him. “What happened?”

“Our resort went from a 60-something rating out of 200 hotels to a 30-something rating, meaning we’re closer to being the top resort. So they had a party for all of the workers because we helped in customer satisfaction,” our daughter explained. “They called Pasha on the walkie-talkie and he never came….”

“I did not know how to use the walkie-talkie!” he protested.

“Then you ask how to use it when they give it to you,” I suggested.

pizza_party“But I don’t speak Hispanic. They’re always talking Hispanic on the walkie-talkies–.”

“Spanish. They are Hispanic and they speak Spanish,” I try. “You need to listen—to them and to us,” I laugh.

“They called him,” Mashenka insisted, “and when he wouldn’t answer, I called him.”

“I don’t speak Spanish,” he tried.

“Your name isn’t Spanish. You could hear if they called your name. What if there were an emergency?” I reasoned, but reasoning was no part of this.

“He missed the party,” Mashenka summed up in her own helpful way, “with pizza and cake!”theatre-tickets-2012

“Sorry about that, Big Guy,” I laughed with him, along with his father who had heard it all before when he picked them up in the car.

Pasha lived for pizza.

Turns out they were also awarded tickets to a local dinner show with pirates—one free ticket per worker, along with a free guest ticket. Any other friends or family paid half-price, so rather than a normal ticket price of $45, it was around $22. Not bad.

theaterI reviewed for them that, for our family of six, this represented almost $200 in benefits. They were impressed.

So now, toward the end of the month, our whole family will head to a pirate adventure, thanks to our newly-retired children.



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