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Kicking Chaos to the Curb

teenager-mother-argument-alI have lowered the boom. We are quashing chaos.

My children come from backgrounds where their lives were out of control. That’s putting it mildly. Ending up in the Russian orphanage system signaled a definite upturn in events for them, which only proves how chaotic things had become.

It was desperate. Sad as that may be, some of them became accustomed to accepting unpredictability and disorder as their new set point. Without pandemonium, things didn’t seem quite right.

But now they had a new life with us.  Adopted.  Accepted.  Yet still, they tried, subconsciously, to bring the craziness of the past into their current setting.

And I’d had enough of it.o-teenagers

A couple of them had chronic tardiness, another had constant contrariness. It all became a bit wearing. Our home, a bastion of calm and orderly predictability, did not suit their tastes. I would liken it to someone who kept choosing the wrong relationships due to the instability and issues from their childhood.

“Enough,” I leveled with them. “Enough.”

famOne in particular was using her anxiety about her future to wreak havoc with the rest of us. Things seemed to be getting worse. I was tired and weary, unwilling to continue this daily drama.

Unpredictability, disorder, disarray, pandemonium. We’re kicking chaos to the curb and initiating a new emotional set point where good… starts to feel good.


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