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Kids & Electronics Exorcisms

iphone_5_case_ultra_thin_air-soft_clear_1My whole job is to keep my children safe until they reach… I don’t know… let’s say adulthood and eventually the grave at 120. The age of eighteen means very little any more. Used to be that a young person was “grown” in their teens. Now, you’d be grateful if they attained a certain maturity in their twenties.

Part of what’s making it difficult is a young person’s access to electronics. Even if you don’t allow many tools linking them with the outside world, there will be plenty of access coming from the areas of friends, school, work, or libraries. And it’s demonic.  Those electronics have horns coming out of them and you shouldn’t trust any ipad-2-review-44111around your kids for more than two seconds.

Personally, I have no problem spying on my children. It goes both ways. They can spy on me anytime, because I’m not doing anything wrong.

As a matter of fact, that may be why, when I emerge from my room after a talk with Benedetto or one of the other children, there always seems to be one child lingering in the environs, their ear tilted toward the door….

iPad-Mini-iphone-ipad-But back to the issue at hand: electronics. For the most part, they come from the devil. I know this firsthand because we are currently going through an electronics exorcism and delivering them entirely from this evil.

I mean, if you want to call someone, pick up a phone. You can even use my phone. Do you need your own phone, that also functions as a camera, a very tempting apparatus if you have no common sense whatsoever and might send those photos, intentionally or unintentionally, to every person on the face of the earth? Along with your name, address, and other identifying information?

Then we come to tablets and computers, perfect for communicating and texting with absolute strangers MacBook Pro 15 - Lightbox 2whom you may believe to be harmless and your own age or gender. Or not, and hence engendering even more fascination. They’re also perfect for wasting humongus amounts of time on games or other trivialities, rather than bettering yourself and preparing for your future. Many kids have become virtual addicts, rising in the middle of the night and playing- playing- playing, while nodding out during the day.

They need to be delivered.

If you give your kids electronics, make sure to limit the time. (Good luck with that!) Another option might be to collect them every night, just to be sure they’re getting a rest, both children and electronics.

My personal favorite: just say no. Pull the plug on all non-essential use. You’ll be glad you did.


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