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Kids’ Team Sports

zacjpg-59b02849fd94d296I am trying to avoid the high school tennis matches this year.  It’s not that I don’t want to be there for my son, I do, I really do.  But another father recently told me that I couldn’t say, “Good shot,” or anything, or else we might forfeit the match.

My son was winning against his son.

Now I know enough that in the game of tennis, you’re not supposed to say, “Great point!” when your opponent flubs.  It’s not nice.  I’m aware of that, and would not do that.  But you are allowed to say an encouraging word here or there.

Instead, I was relegated to polite clapping, which I was too nervous to do, lest39468 I blow it for the whole team.  The father was a little nasty in his delivery, imagining that I was trying to break the rules on purpose(?). 

The power, or evil intentions, that people often ascribe to me is baffling…. 

thNaturally, my charm won him over, and before long, he was telling me all manner of stories of local teams (the cut-throat ones, of course) who try to have the game forfeited by something wrong that the other side does.  Lovely.

Him:    “Tell your son to never squeak his tennis shoes.”

Moi:    “How would he do that?”

Him:    “You know, they dance around waiting for the opponent to serve.  IfHigh-School-Tennis-Camps their tennis shoes squeak on the court, the other side might want the match thrown out.”

Moi:      “You’re kidding.”

Him:    “Nope.  Happened to my son.  And then there was the time I was freezing and decided to get into my car to watch the rest of the game.  I turned on the engine, the headlights went nj-high-school-girls-tennis-i18on automatically, and I was facing the court.  Never mind that the court lights were all on, the other coach said that we should forfeit due to my actions.”

Moi:    “Oh brother.”tjs-tennis-feature015

Him:    “And lights.  The court lights MUST go on at 30 minutes before sunset.  Exactly.”

Moi:    “Or what?  It’s not even dark then.”

Him:    “That’s the point, a smooth transition.  You name it, and they’ll find it a reason to somehow win.  They’re aiming dt.common.streams.StreamServer.clsfor the state title and they’ll get there one way or another.”

Just then our coach walked by.  The other dad discussed with him where I might find obscure rules online to know before I go. 

With my most pitiful hang-dog face, I replied, “Coach John, I don’t want to go to jail,” and we both laughed.  He told Benedetto the next day that I hadn’t done anything wrong, and that this was all ridiculous.

But it’s cut-throat out there in the land of high school sports….


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  1. avatar Leah says:

    Lol, love it! If your kids have never played Little League sports, you don’t know what kind of craziness can go on. Your high school sounds more like Wimbledon compared with someof our lowly leagues! It can be worse, lol.

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