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Laughing at Wall Street

New author Chris Camillo is a genius because he’s confirmed everything I know about the stock market, which is not much, but enough to propel our family to prosperous times, no matter what the economy.  He invested $20,000 in the stock market and grew it to over $2 million in only three years.

Luck?  I don’t think so.

He cites some of the studies indicating that if someone randomly picked a stock they might often beat the slumping stock market averages, so anything is possible.  But instead, he employs a method long supported by my husband, Benedetto, who has in turn taught the tip to many friends:  watch for market trends and get in on a good offering before it hits big.

We’re talking lots of trends in recent history, from Apple computers, to Crocs, to the i-Phone, to Uggs, to yes, Missoni at Target.  His subtitle is “How I Beat the Pros at Investing (by reading tabloids, shopping at the mall, and connecting on Facebook) and How You Can, Too”.

This guy has a point.  It’s called being alert.  Even if you’re not a teen or twenty-something, you can listen to the latest buzz around you, through TV, internet, current events, you name your social or news-feed stomping grounds, and learn how to benefit by investing before the Wall Street crowd wakes up.

Take the President’s family and their unabashed love of Gap-wear, particularly when it came to the inauguration three years ago.  The stock shot up overnight, the Gap online website crashed within a day, and the rest is history.  The first lady-to-be had publicly commented about her love for this manufacturer weeks before.  Read the handwriting on the wall.

This book is great.  He tells you how to do your own market research, for instance, if the shopping mall around the holidays is a ghost town, but the Coach store has a line out the door.  Isolated holiday markdowns?  The Gucci crowd slumming it because times are hard?  Camillo visits a dozen Coach stores in his general area and shmoozes with the bored store clerks, while dispatching family members in other parts of the country to do the same in  Coach stores there.

He discovers that it’s not an earthmoving trend that would blow the stock sky-high, instead, shoppers are scooping up accessories and smaller-ticket items, making sales stay stable compared to the higher-ticket bags that were bought in earlier years.  Valuable info, indicating it’s not an investment opportunity that will turn heads.  Over and over, he gives real life examples of how shopping or listening to others can affect your portfolio for the positive.  Hey, I might be made for market research like this-!

Readers are taught how to sift through what might be isolated incidents, and true market trends.  Forget the standard-wisdom investment books… as well as the 401(k) plan at work when you check into all of their soft fees that are eating up your supposed nest egg faster than you can say, “Abracadabra!” Those 1-2% charges are chomping away at any profits, perceived or otherwise.  He shows how to find investments that will perform well, based on what you observe lighting up the eyes of kids, soccer moms, teens, and colleagues around the water cooler.

Imagine having enough to ado

Cool book, available November 8th, could save your family a bundle, as well as make you a bunch.  Do your homework and minimize your risk.  A timely message.






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  1. avatar Sybil says:

    I wanted to buy my son stock in Home Depot as a high school graduation gift 22 years ago. I didn’t do it then. What a dummy I was!

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