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Learning All We Can

learn2My cousin was maybe 20 years old when she arrived in America. She and I had been born one day apart, the daughters of twin brothers. He worked in the Old Country, whereas my father lived in the US.

Tanya had dual citizenship and while she was visiting, decided to get her driver’s license, much easier in America. Not only that, while she was at it, she turned up at the Department of Motor Vehicles to try her hand at becoming licensed for a motorcycle and a truck, as well. I liked her spunk and her desire to learn more when possible.

I recently met with a 20-something friend at a laid-back cafe, taking our oldest son with me. The friend graphic-designerenlightened us regarding the fine points of graphic design. I was intrigued by how he could rapidly create anything from a CD cover, to a book cover, to a custom-designed power point presentation rich with layered images. This might benefit our son in his part-time job at a magazine and for me?

Who knows.

I simply thought it might be fun to learn.

Do you take advantage of these kind of opportunities, or am I the only one who likes to learn… just because?

TED-TalksAs another school year begins in many parts of the world, I showed a fascinating TED Talk to our family. By Josh Kaufman and readily available on YouTube, it’s called, “The First 20 Hours – How to Learn Anything”. Fun and upbeat, he shatters the myth of it taking 10,000 hours to learn a skill, tracing how that figure erroneously came to be bandied about. His estimate is closer to one month of about 45 minutes per day spent in practicing something. This will allow you to learn and possibly master the basics of most anything. Presented to a college audience, your high schoolers and up might find the 20-minute lecture most encouraging.

I know I did, but then I’m always looking for the next skill to master. Not that I’ve ever learned to drive a truck… or a motorcycle… but there are plenty of other learning curves out there.

And many that could quite possibly be beneficial either personally or professionally.

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