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Learning Twitter

thSome people think I should know social media. Why, I have no idea. All the news that’s fit to print I put in this blog, for you, my faithful readers.

Do you really want to know that I saw Mrs. Obama at the Target store?

Do you need to know that I ate a salad for lunch for the three millionth time?

Do you feel you’re missing something when my dogs do something cute?

Don’t answer that. They’ll be getting their own websites, FaceBook, and yes, probably Twitter accounts soon enough, not1300540119_Blue-twitter to mention Pinterest and Instagram.

It’s really sad when your Scottish Terriers bypass you in terms of technology usage.

So hey, I may be an old dog, but I can learn new tricks. A friend’s son agreed to teach a number of us how to Twitter or Tweet or whatever it’s called in verb form.

Brave young man. My oldest son joined us amid a sea of middle-aged ladies, reading glasses halfway down their noses. All we were told was to have our electronic devices with us, and some idea of our e-mail, username and password preferences.

Apparently that was too much.

Twitter-keyboard“My battery is running out,” one lady started, glancing at her phone. “It’s been a long day.”

“Do you have a charger in the car?” I offered. “You could plug it in there.”

“Yes, but the charger doesn’t work when the car isn’t on,” she replied.

“Right, but you could have it charging while you drove here,” I said, knowing that she came from at least 30 minutes away and having my own vast experience of running everything from charging off the car battery, I mean I could probably do my hair and make my dinner in the car if I planned it well enough….

“Oooh, good point,” she agreed, never having thought of that.??????????????????

“Do we have Wi-Fi here?” another asked.

“I’m in,” I tried it.

“I can’t get in,” she said. “Oh, my battery’s dead.”

Okay, this was not a great start to our tutorial. Yet a third friend showed me how she was Tweeting already, telling me to just ignore the fact that her smart phone had a shattered glass screen and she was tapping her finger on broken glass shards.

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.

Our young man took charge and I told everyone to hush up and listen. We had already bombarded him with our 101 questions, not the least of which was my astute observation that the young royals had just signed-up for Twitter last week, so if they were willing to be my followers, I guess I could reciprocate. I mean, Kate seemed like fun.

We survived the Twitter tutorial, at times feeling like twits ourselves, but nothing our young teacher couldn’t fix. With good humor, he gave us printed handouts and hope. Arriving home by 10:30 pm, my son decided that he was too wiped-out to go to the gym.

It had been quite the mental workout already.


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