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Let Go and Let God

crIt sounds trite, but it’s true: eventually, you have to step aside and let God be God. If you’re involved in something that’s all you and no Him, I’m not totally sure it’s worthwhile.

In the middle of a big deal, with many technological problems, I had a choice to constantly coax, cajole and coach several clients who were dropping off the face of the earth. They knew what was being offered, the excellence of the product, and the discount on price. They appeared from my end to be less than serious, hesitant, unsure, conflicted, full of drama.

Eventually, life is too short.

State your benefits, sell the sizzle, answer any questions… but there comes a time when if you’re the cronly one making the marionette dance, you have to wonder….

I prayed. Then I prayed again. I prayed for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. I prayed that the problematic clients would make up their minds and the great clients would come pouring in.

They did.

Far above what I could have orchestrated myself.

In the final result, I think if you’re pushing and pulling too much for something, on the one hand, you must expend some effort. On the other hand, it’s not worth it if you need to knock yourself out.

crLet go and let God. If it’s supposed to be, it will happen. If you have to constantly prop it up and propel it forward, it might not be His best.  Do your best and then let Him do His.

Just sayin’.

My own situation worked out much better than I could have made it turn out in the beginning, on my own. Enlist the Lord’s help and see even better outcomes than you might have imagined!


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