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Letting Out the Leash

longleashIt’s a principle that may be used in training humans or animals: letting out the leash. In the beginning, the child or the puppy is kept on a short leash, speaking figuratively, not literally. And yes, I have glimpsed kids on actual leashes and been horrified by the sight, so let’s not even go there-!

Husbands, not so much.

For so, so long we’ve had to keep our children on really short leashes. You know, the old you give them an inch, they take a mile type of thing. They just could not handle a whole lot of freedom of any sort.summer-jobs-for-teenagers

They would mess up, melt down, or max out.

You don’t want details, do you?

This summer, Benedetto and I have been able to let out the leash, granted—a little, and reel it back in—when needed.

It’s felt good, it’s felt fun. I’m praying for more and more maturity as the leash grows in length. Some days they “get it”, and some days, they don’t.

But at least it’s easier on the arm when it works.



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