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Liberty University’s Biblical Museum

IMG_0857Only a couple of months old, Liberty University’s Biblical Museum packs enough punch to merit a visit. If you’re at all interested in Bible-era artifacts, it’s like a mini Israel Museum in Lynchburg, Virginia.

The one-room museum serves as a perfect complement to the Center for Judaic Studies. Our family entered the sprawling Jerry Falwell Library complex, complete with Starbucks, study centers, café tables and soaring, ultra-modern architecture. We liked it already.

Descending to the Terrace Level, the young Asian student at the Information Desk was kind enough to walk us down the steps to the Center. There, Ayelet from Israel greeted us IMG_0859and we chatted in Hebrew, taking in the expanse of mirrored display cases in front of us. It really looked like a full-fledged museum.

She led us through the highlights, pausing for us to take in the vast range of the collection. A relatively “modern” 200-year-old Torah scroll on vellum (calfskin) led the way to IMG_08612,000-year-old Roman glass bottles covered with their characteristic patinas. A sacrificial knife from Abraham’s time (2200 BC) lay not far from altar incense shovels and coins from every era.

We saw ancient bronze (tin and copper) mirrors, idols of every shape and style and material, small enough to fit in one’s pocket, reconstructed pottery jars and urns, oil lamps from the most ancient times, jewelry, cosmetics applicators, an exact copy on IMG_0866parchment (sheepskin) of the Isaiah Dead Sea Scroll… and a Bible from 1610.

It was staggering. The artifacts belonged to Dr. Randall Price, Director of the Center. His generosity in sharing the finds impacted students who dropped by as part of their coursework in various classes.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a visit to the gem-like Biblical Museum is worth much, much more.


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