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Lies & Deception: Not My Game

-Home_improvementsI don’t like lies, evasiveness or deception. Not from anybody, anytime, for any reason. It’s a deal breaker, plain and simple.

The workman had said 4:30, and that he would text me about 20 minutes prior to that. I knew that every skilled tradesman was juggling two and three jobs. I knew that emergencies happened. I also knew that they would tell big fibs just to hold you as a client until they could get around to you.

“This is big,” I cautioned. “This is crunch week and we really need to move forward. Are you sure you can make it?”

It wasn’t that I enjoyed interrogating workmen in my spare time, but I had been burned enough. Each tradesperson that disappeared Remodelarcaused a domino effect. Our electrician had taken off and was not returning phone calls. The dry wallers had thankfully finished, but now we needed trim work. The plumber was set to come back, or so we hoped. And now this guy doesn’t show up.

I text him a couple of times. I have Benedetto call him. The man is finishing another job and will be here shortly, he says. By 6:45 p.m., I can tell that the guy has been online for the past hour. He’s not on any handyman job, I’ll tell you that.

Yes, I spy on people. If deception is your name, then perception is my game. You may think I’m a pushover, but nobody’s pulling one over on me. That would be like one of my children going out and getting a debit card or something and me not knowing.

Secrets and shadiness catch up with you because God doesn’t like ugly.

home-renovationBy 8:00 pm, I’ve had enough. This comes after considering hiring someone else, after praying about it, after being irritated, after some suggesting that we cut him loose.

I send him an e-mail, since he’s online: “Any gameplan?”

Poof-! He’s offline.

Not so fast, Buster. I wait five minutes and text him: “Do you think you’ll be able to stop by tomorrow or should we try to schedule someone else?”

“I can be there.”

“Thx – What time do you think? This is our crunch week so we’re just trying to schedule all the various workers.”


A man of many words.

“Great – just let me know about 15 minutes ahead of time. Appreciate it.”Home-Improvement-5-Tips-To-Fixing-Up-Your-House


So, we shall see. Sneaky people are sneaky people. Lies and deception are their game. They don’t tend to think of others as worthy of honesty, integrity and straightforwardness on their part. That’s how they roll. It doesn’t bother them in the least.

Which is sad.

But if there’s a job to be done, I can play the game, too. I will chase them down and hold them accountable when it suits my purposes. However, I refuse to enter the twilight zone of darkness. No matter how normal some consider lying and deception and secrets, I will walk in the light.

And if people get straight in the process, all the better. But that’s up to them, not me.

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