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Life is in the Details

flower-bouquetMost of us live lives of substance. We have major deals, relationships, careers, and issues going on. Those things are important. They’re the building blocks, the big chunks of our life. However, the details can tip the balance on one side or the other.

Details, you know, the small things in life, really matter. I have a girlfriend who must have huuuuge bouquets of flowers all over the home, or numerous candles glowing, when really, a smaller display would be effective, as well, but a large part of her joy is the fact that she’s over-the-top. It’s the fact that she focuses on the niceties that matters.

Meanwhile, my mind centers on an acquaintance just given a pink slip. She’s quite SMoresaccomplished, everyone knows her and associates her with her position and now she’s been summarily dismissed for no good reason that anyone knows. Her, as well. It’s awful, so naturally, I encourage her and tell her we all think the world of her, and that it’s their loss, and that her star will rise again. I possibly made her chuckle, as well, which is a big deal if you feel as though you’ve just been kicked in the stomach. She’s an incredibly gifted and capable and set person, no one can image what’s happened.

Scottish Terrier, Angus, 4 months old, with a tartan scarf on

Scottish Terrier, Angus, 4 months old, with a tartan scarf on

Another couple of friends text me their evening S’mores cookout, mini-video displaying various combinations of gooey treats. It’s fun, it’s silly, it’s inviting, while I labor away at research by design and preliminary literature surveys.

One doggy is not feeling well and he wants to be held. The girls take turns cradling him like a baby. Grisha only wants the girls, the boys simply won’t do for now. He likes me, but then I couldn’t type if I held him, so he generally settles in my arms when we’re in the car and I’m not driving.

If Misha doesn’t beat him to my lap.

Life is full of small things, odds and ends, that often tip the balance. A kind word, a squeeze on the arm, a gift for no reason, a word of advice….

Enjoy them as they add up all around you-!


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