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LinkedIn Anxiety

linkedinI admit, I live the life of a hermit. A jet-setting hermit. A very busy hermit. But a hermit nonetheless.

Now it has been brought to my attention that I really need a LinkedIn profile. Which, in many ways, anything beyond sending smoke signals by computer is really too high tech for mere, middle-aged mortals like me. Nevertheless, I will rise to the occasion and give it my best shot.

The profile itself is no biggie, I revamp and rework my previously-nonexistent and currently-updated resume (another Via Dolorosa in its own right) to be appropriate for public consumption. In other words, leave out anything intelligence-related, strategically-motivated, or any mentions of being dropped behind enemy lines.

Not too hard.

Once I get the show on the road, it dawns on me that I should have practiced with someone else. I know LinkedIn-Connections_Nov13_Post-2-300x202nothing of LinkedIn protocol nor etiquette. Suddenly I need “Connections”, sort of people to like me. Oh, the pressure.

In a supervisory, CEO position, I can’t very well go around asking nobodies to “Connect”. It might look bad. I think. If I ask colleagues to “Connect”, they might think that odd, as well. I’ve never gone around begging for friends.

This is weird.

I ask various friends in different industries how this is done. They have various impressions, depending on their kind of industry. I’m brought up to speed in five minutes flat. They tell me to join groups, lol, like I have time for this. But then I might receive thousands of e-mails.

double-linkedin-connections-sqPerhaps I should practice on Benedetto? (Smile.)

“Do you have a LinkedIn profile?” I ask.

“Yes,” he replies, noting that somebody set it up for him years ago and he’s never looked at it.

I take a peek. It’s awful. Plus, he has about a million pending “Connections”, people wanting to be in touch with him. I inform him that I will be revamping his LinkedIn profile, bringing it up to the 21st century if not to “Infinity and Beyond”. Additionally, I may be stealing some of his Connections….

Unfortunately, we’re not entirely in the same kind of industry. Sigh.


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