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Living the Dream

thLife happens.  Schedules to keep, bills to pay, obligations to meet.  What happens to our once-upon-a-time dreams?

I’ve heard it said that our eyes are in the front of our head for a reason:  to look forward.  And the tyranny of the urgent can occasionally make our eyes dart back and forth from side-to-side, instead.

Breathing room can help.  Dreaming people are generally relaxed people.  They’re either daydreaming, or asleep.

So when we’re running around from appointment to appointment, home-to-work-to-home, and backdreams again, it’s hard.

Who has time to dream?

Hopefully, we all do.  We can rewrite the endings of those situations that have turned into nightmares.  All of us are on the way to a desired destination and the steering wheel, to a large part, still lies within our hands.

3118261573_cf161f7a43_zWhether we need to downshift and take a detour for awhile, make the commitment to yourself to get back on track.

Focus.  Feel the excitement of going the right way that once had been mapped out as your intended route.

It can happen.  Dare to dream once again, starting today.


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