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Lost and Found

img_2377Minding my own business on a visit to small town America, bitterly cold weather and a chilly wind blew in. Freezing cold, I bought an extra hat and gloves.

Somehow, over the course of several appointments, the two accessories disappeared. I briefly considered retracing my steps, but it would take way too long. img_2421Perhaps later.

An older hat and gloves would suffice for the present. I felt foolish to have been careless enough to drop the items or leave them behind. So I said a quick prayer, thinking of the many lost and found scenarios in the Bible.

img_2420About seven hours later, my route brought me near to where I had been earlier that morning. Taking five minutes to retrace my steps in the area, there were the hat and gloves stuffed into a picturesque fence-! Obviously, a kind soul had found it on the ground among the fallen leaves.

Lost and found. And then, we had an even more amazing find that I will tell you about tomorrow….


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