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Lost & Found Jewelry

IMG_4606My lifestyle is too fast-paced to obsess much about anything and I’m glad about that. Keeps things in perspective. But every once in a while, I would wonder whatever happened to the jewelry given by my mom to me to wear in my wedding.

I had it in my possession for many years, but with multiple moves and shifting priorities and stashing it away for safekeeping, I hadn’t seen the jewelry in some time. Its meaning for me came from its sentimental value, from glimpsing it in my mother’s jewelry box as I was growing up, the beautiful pink and black-veined Russian rhodonite pendant, earrings and ring set. It hailed from the Ural Mountains, from Mother Russia, placed in a beautiful silver setting.

She let me wear it upon occasion when I was in high school. Once, for some odd reason, I was wearing IMG_4605the necklace and ring while playing field hockey, don’t ask me why. But, believe it or not, the stone in the ring fell out of its setting somewhere on the dusty field. My shame and grief knew no bounds when I confessed to my mother that it was missing.

The two of us drove back to the field, each determined to alleviate the other’s sadness by finding it. We prayed and walked back and forth, knowing that any hockey stick could have inadvertently buried the stone for good.

And then, all of a sudden, a couple of hours later, there it was. We had found it! Hallelujah.

IMG_4608So it held special meaning for several reasons and, before you knew it, I was wearing it at our wedding with my very traditional gown. Fast-forward to now, decades later, when my Russian kids were working their way through buried treasure in the basement and what do they find, but my Russian rhodonite? My mother would have been so happy!

There, in the Chinese box from Hong Kong that Benedetto and I had selected long ago, sat our own little treasure trove of this set among other pieces of cast-off jewelry.  How they had ended up together was anyone’s guess.  But the Russian pieces were safe and sound.

Kind of like us all these years later.


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