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Lovable Cafe Dogs

img_3752My idea of a good time would be to take our dogs to an outdoor cafe, get them a bowl of water and me a cappuc and relax for a few minutes. Unfortunately, not all countries allow this, due to health laws. So I take what I can get.

And what I can get is a trio of labradoodles: a dog where the American Labrador dog has been bred with the Poodle.

Huge, soft and fluffy. Reddish-brown, beige and black.

The three arrive to the cafe with their owner who hooks their leashes onto a low fence. Theyimg_3753 watch him come into the cafe, turning around just to make sure that he’s watching them as much as their eyes are trained upon him.

So obedient. So precious.

Meanwhile, I exit the cafe and the three train their attention on me, as though I might have brought them a treat or two.

I wish.

img_3754As I leave the cafe, the trio is walking down the street, perfectly in step with their owner. At the stoplight, they sit all three in a row, patiently waiting for the light to change.

Huge, soft and fluffy. Reddish-brown, beige and black.

Too cute.

I thought you would want to know.


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