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Love and the Coffee Break

thIn our family, loving acts often revolve around coffee. Most every morning, Benedetto makes me coffee. Sometimes, we take a mini-date and go out for coffee because our evenings are so packed with events that it’s difficult to embark on a full-fledged date on a regular basis.

Small acts of kindness add up.

The other day, our youngest daughter took us out for coffee. She did not include herself, even when I inquired if perhaps I could buy her a hot cocoa or a hot cider?

“No, thank you,” she smiled and stood on the sidelines.

Naturally, her father got into a discussion with the owner of the unusual cafe that Sashenka chose. So I got to enjoy chatting with my newly-seventeen-year-old daughter while Benedetto and the gentleman marveled at many similarities in their lives and shared business cards.

Our daughter was young for her age, having undergone trauma and abuse prior to her adoption by us in Russia. Her life’s trajectory had her Coffeetraveling in a sweet and thoughtful direction, surprising me with many insights that the average person might not grasp.

But it was against a dark backdrop. We chose to see that the angry colors and images served to highlight the bursts of vividness, rather than envelop or swallow them up. Our family proved to be her cocoon of safety as she emerged a new person and love started spilling out to those around her.  The therapeutic effects of adoption and family could not be overestimated.

It gave me food for thought: an unloving person is not necessarily nasty; they simply have not built up enough love in their life to dribble or gush into somebody else.

Who knew that so much could be said with a steaming cup of cappuccino?  Maybe we should all treat someone to coffee today.


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