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Lumps and Bumps in Older Dogs

scottish-terrier-2Our Scottish Terriers are now approaching ten and eleven years old. Doing fine, other than their dark black hair turning to salt and pepper patches, they appear to be aging with grace. After a bath or a meaningful bowel movement, they revert to puppies, kicking up their heels and wanting to run around like wild banshees and play with a bone. But now, for the past several months, Grisha the younger’s back knee has been developing a small growth.

According to the vet, the raised bump is a lipoma, or fatty tumor. Larger than a pea and the-scottish-terriersmaller than a cherry, they say it’s benign or harmless and often seen in older dogs. The growth does not require surgery unless it impedes him in some way. For the present, we’re monitoring it.

But still.

Whenever one of us brushes his long, luxurious hair, we avoid the site. Just in case. We wouldn’t want to nick the knob.

Grisha is our little rescue dog who came to us at less than three months old, quite ill with kennel cough. But he’s a tenacious guy, a fighter, who seems to bounce back after anything. And he seems totally unaffected by the recent outcropping.

Thank you, Lord!


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