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Major Love for a Mini-Kitchen

sunnersta-mini-kitchenOkay, I admit it. I’m in love, presently with a mini-kitchen. This is not a paid endorsement, lest you even need to ask, lol. Relegated to a tucked-away corner, there will be a little laundry and mini-kitchen combo area off of a downstairs den. It might be a place for overnight guests to grab a coffee and croissant whenever they want, and what could be better than that?

The mini-kitchen comes from IKEA, maker of all thing delightful and often diminutive. Apparently, those Swedes know how to live in the equivalent of sardine cans. They make their model rooms look so attractive, you come out of the showrooms imagining yourself to be able to live in a tiny, one-room studio apartment, no problem.

Well, this was the day to buy a mini-kitchen that was all of a stainless steel sunnersta-mini-kitchencountertop, sink, faucet, a couple of rails to hang kitchen utensils above the counter, and enough space underneath for anything from a mini-fridge to even a washing machine nesting there. The simple Sunnestra design spoke volumes and inspired creativity. At less than $140, how could I say no?

IKEA’s mini-kitchen did not comprise my idea of a bonafide kitchen, yet, it was enough to make me giddy. Think of a French press coffee pot, a few utensils in the hanging cups, maybe a linen towel and voila— a mini-kitchen was born. Perfect for an in-law suite or a guest wing in the house.

Now, as for assembly….


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