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Making Family Memories at the Beach

img_3736One of our homes is not far from the beach, now recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.  All of us moved mountains of debris over a couple of weeks’ time— pine cones, limbs and branches, palm fronds and everything else that goes with a tropical storm— from rising water to floods and mud. But we were very, very fortunate and had infinitesimal amounts of damage compared with many whose homes were submerged, damaged and destroyed.img_3735

Benedetto and I put our fall anniversary on hold. Now that we were over the hump, it was time to relax and take a couple days away to another seaside community.

The comfy beds spoke to me right away, as everyone was ready to relax. Hearing the sound of the ocean waves crashing outside would be just the remedy.
img_3738Fresh cut flowers on the dining room table foretold of peaceful family meals. Gathering ‘round the img_3734table, chatting about the present and the future, the dogs curled at our feet. It was just the cure for world-weariness.

What could be more restorative than to stroll by the seashore? Alone with God and with one’s thoughts, the vast expanse of sand and sea were soothing rather than scorching this time of year.

I peeked out the window and glimpsed brother and sister exploring an autumn beach. Sashenka and Pasha, the younger daughter and the younger img_3737son at ages 16 and 19 were an unlikely combo and it was good to see them laugh and joke by the chilly, blustery beach.

Benedetto and I stayed inside for a while, drinking cups of tea and catching up on work. The two Scotties joined us, having already been exhausted from the brisk beach air, Grisha taking a late afternoon snooze in the golden sunlight.

Perfect peace and rest. We needed this.


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