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Making Holiday Happiness

Life is often what you make of it, and when it comes to the holidays, I believe in “trying”.  No matter what else is going on, let it go for a few days.  Or even a few hours…!

The rest can wait.

Focus.  Savor.  Pause to ponder.  Enjoy what you do have.

What “makes” the holidays for you?  Is it food like pizzele, paneforte, and torrone?  Is it latkes and apple sauce, or sufganiyot (special jelly donuts)?  How about eggnog and fruitcake (none for me, thanks, but Benedetto oddly loves both).

Decorations might make the day with a fruit spray tucked in a transom, and candles glowing near the window.  A holiday tablecloth, or dinnerware, or centerpiece draws friends in to celebrate.

Doing crafts with the kids, singing in a choir, participating in a charity event, and helping those less fortunate could make your heart happy.  We try to do it all, while pacing ourselves, if that’s possible.  When I was baking 20 dozen cookies, I wondered about the wisdom of it, until another lady confided that she had signed up for 60 dozen.

Apparently, I am a slacker.

Do you go to holiday performances, or watch a special movie that really moves you?  We vacillate between feel-good fare and tearjerkers, piled up all warm and cuddly on the couches.  Maybe you go out to dinner, or “dress” for a special meal at home?  It could be traveling far away, or staying snug where you feel most comfortable.

Take time to feel the love and light.  What a great way to wrap up the year!



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  1. avatar AP says:

    Traditions. Our older children have many years of them. Our youngest two are just starting but they are already remembering things from their first two Christmases – such as which decorations go where, etc.

    I made an angel out of plastic canvas the first year we were married, 27 years ago. A few years ago I nearly threw the “cheap looking” tree topper away. I heard three loud exclamations of “NO!” and my three oldest children have called dibs on who gets the “special tree topper” when I’m gone!

    I pray that our youngest two will someday look back and treasure the simple family traditions. Actually, they have already called dibs on a few of my ornaments ;O)

    • avatar admin says:

      Traditions can really bind families together–whether holiday or otherwise. Isn’t that tremendous that the younger two already have a sense of belonging, AP? If they know WHAT goes where, they also know WHO goes where and that they are a vital part-!

      Yes, I have tried to nip all discussions of my demise, and “who gets what”. Seems like a bit too much incentive, if you know what I mean, lol….

  2. avatar AP says:

    Hee hee … my older kids have a “sticky note” joke that they use. Anytime they see something that they want some day they call dibs by yelling “sticky note!” I guess there are these imaginary sticky notes on all my personal belongings. Haha! They do it mostly to rile me up. I’ve warned them that if they EVER fight over anything after I am gone I will come back to haunt them. And they know I WILL! lol!

    Come to think of it, my younger girls also will talk about what they want their own tradtions to be some day. They must be thinking about this stuff more than I realized ….

  3. avatar AP says:

    Actually – it is from a Gilmore Girls episode that we all found rather amusing. The mother is rather “unique” :O) All in good fun!

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