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manicure and pedicureI’m not a girly-girl.  Well, actually, in many ways I am—I enjoy cooking, wearing makeup, having my hair done as nicely as possible.  I even match my clothes on most occasions since it’s hard to go wrong with black – black – and a bright… something or other.

Let’s put it this way:  I make an effort.

Even at home, you generally won’t find me in old sweats.th  Jammies, maybe, if it’s late at night, or I’m out with the dogs at 4:00 a.m.  But beyond that, you never know if the Publisher’s Clearinghouse people will be showing up on your doorstep, right?

I guess that’s why poor people don’t live in gated communities.

handmassageWhich brings us to manicures.  (Love that segue….)

I just don’t “get” them, nor do I get them.  I went once because someone insisted that I do, and gave me a gift certificate, and kept hounding me as to how I liked it, and did I speak with their favorite person there who had a lot of problems and really needed my personal touch, so could I just go and have a chat, and enjoy myself….  You get the picture.

It was nice.  It took a major chunk of time, and I’m generally really pressed for time.  I’d rather just go out for az10934877Q,Manicure-hybrydowy mineral water or coffee and chat, but I’m flexible.  My nails did not look to be shaped as nicely as I would normally shape them, and the manicure itself lasted but a couple of days.

Then I didn’t have the right color to touch it up.

The hand massage was soothing, though.

I just don’t get what’s the big draw.  That’s how it comes around to being a girly-girl.  Maybe I simply don’t have it in me.

Could be the thought of being “waited on hand and foot” which has little appeal.  Or, if I went with a girlfriend, it might be more fun-?  But I can’t remember a time when my nails were au natural in the past several decades, I just do them myself….

I dunno.  Do you get manicures?


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  1. avatar Jeremy says:

    No I do not get manicures.

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