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Marketing E-Mails

Petya, our 15-year-old, is deep in scholarship applications.  As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, this kind of thing can be a full-time job:  the colleges contacting you, the scholarship locators trying to get you to enter their competitions, the loan providers who want you to apply for BIG BUCKS NOW!  We have to wade through all of the offers and eliminate those not in line with our goals.

So he has me, his private secretary, weed through the morass, and clean up his inbox.  Even with a pretty fair spam filter, I’m amazed at the amount of junk e-mails that he receives, and how they don’t even try to tailor the ads to a 15-year-old boy.  Maybe they think his mother reads his e-mail account set up for scholarships.  Hmmm… we may be on to something….

These are the ads he received yesterday:  ink and toner sale (possible, but unlikely); refinance mortgage quotes (he hasn’t started that part of his empire, yet); Lasik specials (do they perform that operation on young teens?); Starbucks (well, he doesn’t drink coffee, but he enjoys other of their creations); organic cookware (he likes food…); PC error removal (we use Macs); an ad for trucks (send a sports car ad and you may get a nibble); satellite internet (sounds interesting); burial insurance (???); loans with percentage rates off the Richter scale; fitness and health clubs (possible, but no time); tire coupons (no car, no tires); skincare revitalization (Proactiv would be more like it); IRS tax help (he’s a volunteer); bathroom remodeling (how about bathroom cleaning-!?); learning a new language (we could have used this about 8 years ago); quit smoking (don’t even start-!); solar panels (for what? his bicycle?); hybrid cars (too expensive of a way to save money); timeshare resorts (he lives in a resort); slicing veggies quickly (he eats them whole); relief for joint discomfort (he does play tennis a lot…); printer ink (again-?!).

And that’s with a spam filter.  Out they all go, down the inernet trash chute to oblivion.  I guess wherever there are college scholarships, they figure there are middle-aged parental consumers somewhere nearby….




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