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Marriage: Time Will Tell

June is almost upon us, that time of year when many marry. I wonder the number of marriages that will last decades… and the number that won’t make it ‘till December. Time will tell.

Think about it: time. will. tell.

Over the years, issues will arise– from money, to sex, to kids, to communication, to careers, to health, to priorities, to boredom. These are real life challenges that some couples learn to navigate, while others don’t even try to negotiate. After awhile, they simply give up.

In my opinion, it all boils down to time. Whatever we care about, we feed with our time, probably the only non-renewable resource on the face of the earth. Whatever makes us complacent, we starve through refusing to grant it our attention. Ignore it, and yes, a marriage or anything else will go away. Nudge it forward through acts of intention, nurture it, and the relationship will flourish.

Your time says everything about you: how you harness it, use it, redeem it and manage it for what you most wish to accomplish.

Time. will. tell.

Ensure that it relates your marriage story in the way you had always envisioned.


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